Lion Eye Productions

1. The Artist Shall receive Star billing.

2. Any Changes and additions need Artists approval.

3. Selling of “bootleg” Artist products is deemed a breach of contract by the buyer.

4. Buyer agrees to __ members on the band’s guest list.

5. Buyer mustn’t let more than 2% of the house in free.

6. Videotaping or otherwise recording this performance is forbidden.

7. Any Press must be prearranged.

8. The Artist must be provided space for merchandising if requested.

9. The Artist had complete artistic control over the art and the artistic performers.

10. The Buyer agrees to provide at no cost to the Artist:

a. Transportation___ b. Accommodations____ c. Juice, spring water, sodas, beer, fruit and salad platter in- d. Clean, lockable, secure dressing room, with mirror, 110v ac, heat and/or airconditioning. Buyer agrees to be solely responsible for security of the dressing room. e. 12 clean towels.

f. Meals for __ people, available at least 1 hour prior to show. Includes refreshments and utensils.

g.Assistance with load in. h. Professional 3 or 4 way system with power ample for venue. See tech rider. i. Professional lighting system.

11. Buyer must have all technical staff necessary for the operation of the show.

12. The Artist reserves the right to examine the books and ticket receipts during and after the performance.

Purchaser______________________ Date_________

Artist_____________________ Date___________

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