Lon E's Page


Rachel Dolezal is not African-American like our president, but she may have a case for being Black. Far from the time when fists went up in defiance and a race declared themselves Black, not Negroes and the anti of White. Now Black is an American cultural division, which according to our laws should be open to everybody. Marriage is not a religious rite but a legal designation it is too important in court proceedings to be in the realm of the tax-free. People are holding fast to ancient wisdom, but does that wisdom hold up in the current circumstance? We are like monkeys with awesome tools, our technology determining our next move.

Currently humanity is locked in a struggle that pits one god against the other.
Jahovah versus Allah.
Each calling the other Satan/Iblis
Each others lifestyles are Evil
Religions themselves are lining up on sides
Arming themselves for the battle that they themselves predicted.
They believe that god wants killing and slaughter.
Truly they believe that only by killing the other side will their evil be forgiven
And they will enter the realm of paradise.
No one calls it a societal illness or our common innate deathwish.
Hopefully we will be able to agree that Ahknaton passed on the tradition
Of one god to Moses and Mohammed and Jesus agreed that there was only
And humanity in order to enter into the kingdom must evolve beyond war.

Keystroke --

You can keystoke for bloodline families, You can keystroke for all your rich friends.
You can keystroke for the bankers and the debt that never ends.
You can keystroke for the armies, you can keystoke interest any percent,
as you float on your golden parachute you know that capitalism makes no sense.
Go to hell, no one's too big to fail.
You can keystoke for politicians, you can keystroke, but you don't have to lend.
You can keystroke to buy the media, but the people get the bill in the end.
You can keystroke for your favorite dictator, you can keystroke for drone attacks.
You can keystroke to blow up a big bubble, but the people are going to blow it right back.
Go to hell you are never too big to fail.
Why not keystroke for the homeless, why not keystroke for the poor?
Why not keystroke for the sick and trying to eat a little more?
Why not keystroke for all us immigrants trying to find a better life?
Why not keystroke for the effort to make this world right?
Got to hell you are not too big to fail.

My prescription to you
Is to meditate on the heart of Jah
And be thankful you are alive.
Jah giveth to you
Everything from the fullness
All you need to feel
Is the love you give to all- yes
Jah has time to heal
All the wounds that come with life
And give us the need
To be with each other
And build our consciousness
For ever and Aver
signed-Doctor, Doctor Jah.